Under the radar music journalist

Thomas Dunlap’s articles on KTSW’s blog

KTSW 89.9 is the official radio station at Texas State University and I have been an active member since 2017. KTSW’s blog covers a multitude of topics including news, sports, lifestyle, and of course, music. How could a college radio station’s blog not have a strong music presence? The music journalists at KTSW continually write creative content that goes way beyond standard album reviews. From quirky playlists, to discussing music in film and video games, the music journalists at KTSW find a way to put a spin on traditional music writing.

One journalist in particular always comes through with interesting and well-written articles. Thomas Dunlap is known for his combination of album reviews and interviews on KTSW’s blog. Dunlap reaches out to smaller indie artists via their social media and has overall been successful at securing insightful interviews. Not only is Dunlap interviewing artists that have little to no media coverage, but he also asks out-of-the-box questions that reflect that he did his research on the band beforehand. He even adds his own distinctive calligraphy on the cover image of the artist.

Some of the artists that Dunlap has interviewed have even re-posted his work. Hector Gachan gushed to Dunlap that he thought his article was better than his interview with Noisey of Vice. That’s quite a compliment! I always look forward to Dunlap’s quirky interviews and in depth album reviews. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram and definitely check out some of his work.


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