What this blog entails

I’ll start with an obvious statement that summarizes the essence of what this blog is about: music is always changing. Whether it’s my own personal music taste, or the sound of an artist, music is constantly on the move. Contrastingly, music is also always recycling itself, too. It’s funny looking back on covers of past hits once again gaining a lot of popularity, particularly among younger crowds and it’s even funnier when they don’t realize their new favorite jam isn’t an original song. Whether it’s literal reworking of chords or samples of other songs, musicians can sneakily steal from others. As Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” The same sentiment surely applies to musicians.

But more on all of that later. My name is Caroline Janes, and I humbly will submit to you my opinions on music throughout the years, starting with 2018 and going backwards with each article. At some point we’ll delve into 2019, but that will have to come when there’s more ground to cover for this year. My expertise is in indie music, and therefore my focus will also be in this genre. It wasn’t until about the 8th grade that I first got into indie music, substituting out the top 40 pop and rap hits for something a little less formulaic. (Although I will say, I do have a middle school throwback playlist that’s still my guilty pleasure to listen to.) My involvement in music has grown since then.

It all started with the indie rock station on Pandora. This is where I got my first taste of bands that are surely now classic indie artists. Then came your standard indie concerts the first being Two Door Cinema Club, followed by Vampire Weekend, Young the Giant and many more. (Shout out to my dad for driving me and my rowdy friends two hours from my hometown to Dallas every time!) Now, here I am 8 years later, and my relationship with music has grown much deeper. I now work at KTSW, the Texas State University radio station, produce my own radio show, select the music that goes on air, edit music reviews, and intern at a concert booking agency. 8th grade Caroline would certainly be shocked and elated. She probably wouldn’t believe me. Hopefully I seem qualified enough to dive deeper into each year of indie music.

Shameless self promo: Listen to Times Like These every Monday 8-10 to get a deeper insight on my music taste on KTSW 89.9 or stream it here. Follow me and KTSW on twitter for the latest updates for the other side of radio.

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